FEMVY - The First 4 in 1 Legging

FEMVY - The First 4 in 1 Legging

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Lose up to 2 sizes in 2 weeks

The FEMVY Legging is the ideal solution for slimming the stomach and lower body, faster than any other method available on the market.

An innovative technology

FEMVY is a 4 in 1 Sweaty Legging made of néoprène, a very elastic, light and comfortable material that causes heavy sweating by raising the temperature of your body and preventing the skin from coming into contact with the air.

A simple solution for quick results

The FEMVY Legging creates a new silhouette after 29 days, with visible results from the first week of use!

A 4 in 1 Legging

1. Unlike a slimming panty or sweat shorts, FEMVY legging go from the belly to the ankles: a perfect coverage allowing a treatment of all areas of the belly and lower body. There's nothing like it to achieve a flat stomach and thin thighs without any hassle.

2. The FEMVY 4 in 1 legging also has a sheathing function, allowing you to instantly adopt a sculpted silhouette. Your stomach is flatter, your waist is slimmer, your hips are perfectly rounded and your buttocks more rounded.

3. FEMVY effectively eliminates cellulite (orange peel effect due to water retention) because it improves blood circulation.

4. In addition, FEMVY purifies your body because perspiration is the most effective way to eliminate toxins.

FEMVY in 3 lines

✔ Finally a solution that works

✔ A real boost in self-confidence

✔ Satisfaction guaranteed

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident of the results provided by our FEMVY Leggings that if you do not get results within a given period of 3 weeks from receipt of your package, we will refund your order in full (100%).

If you hesitate between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger of the two sizes. Our leggings are flexible and can be easily adapted to all morphologies.

Returns are possible in case of a size problem.
If you wish to return or exchange your item for any reason, you do not have to pay for postage.
Our team is available 7 days a week for any request for information or advice at the following e-mail address: contact@femvy-us.com

Our telephone line will be available soon.