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FEMVY™ - The First 4 in 1 Legging

To treat the lower body areas

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FEMVY™ - The First 5 in 1 Sweat Top

To treat the upper body areas

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This is the best purchase I've made lately! Honestly girls go for it it's a great product that allows you to eliminate faster in the legs, and belly. I love it ♥


I have tried so many things between diets, pills... and frankly I am amazed at the results I got with this legging.


I've been using it for a month now, so I can give my opinion. The leggings are comfortable and beautiful, but the main thing is that it is effective in eliminating fat from the legs,when i put them before going to the gym, my session intensifies directly and I sweat way more. Result: 3 sizes lost in 2 and a half weeks it's great thank you so much I will continue on my way. 🥰


I'm finally fitting into my old dresses and skirt that I couldn't wear after my pregnancy! I got back into the gym with the FEMVY leggings and i got back my usual weight ☺️


Being previously overweight, your leggings helped me a lot to lose weight during my gym sessions, my workouts became more intense 💪🏼